Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Privacy Policy

You can be assured of complete privacy of information whether you're a business or individual, as all possible steps are taken by myself or staff to observe discretion and respect the sensitivity of any information as outlined under the 'Australian Privacy Act 1988' and 'Spam Act 2003'.

This business observes an Australian standard for non-disclosure agreement upon the commencement of any services, whereby any information obtained in the process of service between 'Albury Computing Services' and any customer is kept private and not shared with any 3rd parties in part or in full, unless otherwise indicated by the customer's willingness to agree to information sharing.

Requests for information sharing may occur in the instance of requiring a 3rd party to assist in any services falling outside the capacity of this organisation, in such a case, the customer's permission is sought before proceeding.

This company is ethically obliged to perform services on Microsoft Windows Platform Operating Systems that comply with Microsofts Terms and Conditions of Use indicated in their ULA (User Licence Agreement).

'Albury Computing Services' will operate as an Small Business under the 'Australian Industry Standards For Professional Services' in 'Information Technology'.

This website contains Tracking code provided by Google™, in accordance with Google Analytics Terms of Use notification is given that Google Analytics is functioning throughout the pages of this website and information collected may be stored and used by Google and its authorised 3rd parties indicated in their Terms of Use policy.